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Skalicky’s Auto Repair is the leading repair shop for fleet vehicle services in the FM and surrounding area. We handle EVERYTHING¬† from your auto/diesel maintenance services and repairs to your everyday car/pickup, box trucks, 5500’s and Promasters. When DOT inspections are needed, we can handle that for you as well.

We do our absolute best to communicate exactly what is important right now and what we can watch for in the future. We have a specific schedule built in order to get your vehicles in the shop, repaired and back on the road in a timely manner. Communication with the fleet manager/owner is one of the most important aspects we focus on in order to maintain and help manage an entire fleet of vehicles.

We do all this with our main goal in mind – Quality repairs and maintenance to keep your fleet of vehicles safe on the road, minimize downtime and increase productivity of your business. We have perfected this system and hope you trust us when it comes to keeping your fleet on the road.